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Anatomy of a Logo

Dean Parrott, our designer and creative director who mostly annoys his staff is quite old school in the way he tackles brand creation.

With 30 years experience in branding Dean hand draws all ideas and then develops them further on the computer. Unlike most very senior designers, he actually does the work on the computer too. This enables concepts to be developed faster and with a greater scope for original ideas.

From the brief, sketches are developed and then reworked over and over again before being further honed on the computer. This traditional approach and highly strategic approach carries the hallmark of how Logo Loco develops your content. Below is an example of the process of how a major automotive brand mark was created, showing Dean's thought processes and development of the icon. And how amazing the Walkinshaw performance logo turned out.

Dean Parrott
Creative Director

Owner and Creative Director, Dean is one of Australia's most prolific logo designers and brand creators.

Dean's early development drawings. Notice the early depiction of the chequered flag representing the 'W' and the early shape containment into a circle.

Dean's early work in illustrator. Working up the logo from the drawings. Honing the look & proportions.

Dean's final and accurate vector illustration. Prior to creation and embellishment in Photoshop.