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Logo : BDAV 30 Years

LOGO TYPE : Intermediate Package . 2D Logos . Awards/Recognition

Giselle from the BDAV wanted a new celebratory logo to celebrate 30 Years of the Building Designers Association of Victoria. We designed a contemporary logo using an origami idea with paper folding into the word and numerals. The BDAV members are all designers so we used the folding paper concept to convey the message for that target market. We extrapolated the shape from the BDAV brand mark to be used in the 30 Years logo. This also enables the 2 logos to be used together in a co-branded lock-up. Dean Parrott from Logo Loco, Kisschasey also designed an advertisement and the cover of the BDAV magazine to reflect the new logo design. We also devised the new tagline, "Celebrating the past...with designs on the future". This really helps build the brand. The advert and cover are depicted here. Giselle from BDAV commented: 'And I absolutely LOVE the celebratory advert, which we can feature in BDAV News throughout most of 2013. The spotlight on the advert is perfect for the message we wish to portray. I will get the Committee tomorrow to sign off on the 30th Anniversary crest (hoping they love it as much as I do!). Absolutely love your work. Thank you, Dean and Terence.'