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Logo : Quick Smile Teeth Whitening

LOGO TYPE : Intermediate Package . 2D Logos . Service Industry . Products . Medical

We created a graphic campaign element to work with the new medical logo design. The lip chair is used throughout all the Quicksmile work to create a synergy with the smile swish in the logo design. So when Logo Loco creates your logo make sure we know up front where your logo or brand marque is appearing so we can take that into account. The centre of the Q becomes a clock face, while the tail or descender of the Q becomes the smile. Dean created a full advertising campaign, directed the photography, point of sale strut cards, brochures, full packaging, pull up banners and also designed the website. Logo Loco also helped design the actual teeth whitening unit and how it was branded with the new medical logo design. The colours used are fresh and clean and form a large aspect of the brand architecture. If you need a medical logo design or business logo design or even a product logo design, call Dean Parrott today and you will be sure to quickly have a smile on your dial.