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Logo : Zulu Capital

LOGO TYPE : Intermediate Package . 2D Logos . Service Industry . Banking & Finance

Zulu Capital is an investment banking firm that is focused on serving businesses with emerging growth. Anthony Venus wanted a finance logo design that portrayed old fashioned values, strength and a sense of being solid and dependable. Banking and finance logo design requires sound brand lock downs and linear brand architecture. Custom logo design is all about creating a brand mark that is especially crafted to your business name and target market. Logo Design Melbourne, Richmond to be exact. You can come in and meet with Dean, logo maker and custom logo designer to create your custom banking logo design. We used the African Zulu shield with the Z portrayed as an arrow to spearhead the graphic look of this company logo. If you are looking for a finance logo and want the numbers to add up in terms of value for money; call the logo design company that designs custom branding like no other. Logo Loco, as memorable as out logo designs.