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Logo : ASTV

LOGO TYPE : Intermediate Package . 2D Logos . Health & Fitness . Stationery & Add Ons

Russell Morris from Australian Sports Technology Ventures briefed Dean Parrott to create a sporting logo design with an iconic graphic. The acronym of ASTV uses letter play to depict an athlete's torch. The A is the top of the torch with the S being the flame. The T and V being the shaft or handle of the torch. The Southern Cross atop the torch being the stars and the glitter and glow of the flame. Primary Olympic style colours are used against a neutral strong background using silhouetted sporting individuals to avoid the use of directional images/photos of people. Logoloco also created and produced all the collaterals such as a fully branded 4 page brochure...an introduction to the new sporting business. The look of the entire brand and the sports logo is vivid, modern and impactful. Give your business a sporting edge by dealing with the best designer in the business at Logoloco. Call Dean today when you need an expert logo designer.