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Logo : Melbourne Adventure Company

LOGO TYPE : Intermediate Package . 2D Logos . Health & Fitness . Travel

Designing a new travel logo is a bit of an adventure. The journey is as as important as the destination. In this case it got a bit lost. A classic case of a client that doesn't listen and ended up in the woods. Although the chosen logo is not a bad logo (I can say that as I designed it) and the graphic form is quite clever using an interplay - acronym letter-play. The M and A being the mountains, the C being the sky enveloping the form. The type is strong and distressed and suits the market. The better logo uses a similar mountain form as letter-play but doubles as a compass needle with the outer bezier of the compass. Could of been used to great effect in the brand architecture. One of versions even shows the C as a river/waterway. Our preferred logo also uses Co. as an abbreviation. This wasn't used on the final. When designing brands it's important to listen to the experts. I design several logos every day for vastly different industries. I am passionate about building your business through impactful and relevant brand techniques. Entrust your new travel logo to logoloco and buckle up for an adventure. Dean Parrott