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Logo : Carlectables

LOGO TYPE : Advanced Package . Automotive Industry . 3D Logos

Rowan from Carlectables wanted a highly embellished auto styled logo design. Dean's concept shows the C for Carlectables as the USB with the car outline coming from the C. In the gallery you can see the embroidery logo file that was also Dean's original drawing for the logo design. When Logoloco is working on a 3D logo project the original outline drawing must be approved before the time consuming 3D embellishment is started. Dean Parrott is the world leader in 3D logo design. We work for many well known overseas companies requiring this style of complex logo design. We have very little competition in this area due to the difficulty of the projects. Feel free to call Dean or Amelia today on (03) 9421 3311 to get your logo design on the road to success.