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Logo : F5

LOGO TYPE : Intermediate Package . 2D Logos . Banking & Finance

Sal Cinque from Finance 5 finance brokers wanted a retro logo design with a racing logo flavour. This is a perfect example of when a client really does know what they want for their custom financial logo design. It becomes a team effort in building a brand together. Sal came to us with visual cues of cycling jerseys and even the Fiat car he was buying for his business, as we are a Melbourne based logo design firm. Sal loved the 5 on the Fiat 500 badge so we designed the F to integrate with a similar 5 letter form. Logo design packages all vary here...but one thing is the same. You will receive a cutting edge logo design from a professional logo maker right here in Australia. Dean Parrott does all the logo designing...none of the work is outsourced. So if you are in finance why bank on some overseas business to create your brand or company logo? The numbers add up when you deal with a local Melbourne logo designer. Call Logoloco today to get your finance logo design started...count on getting top service and a top creative logo.