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Logo : Replicar Trailers

LOGO TYPE : Advanced Package . Automotive Industry . 3D Logos

Rowan has always loved the look of the Walkinshaw logo and our other highly embellished 3D logos that Dean Parrott designs. He wanted a car badge style logo to use not only in print and on his website, but also to attach to the actual trailer. He wanted it life like. As can be seen in the gallery Dean created the separate logo components in illustrator then took them into photoshop to combine them all and add all the metallic finishes, high points, valleys and text embellishments. This style of 3D logo design work is incredibly difficult, which is why Dean is sought after throughout the world for this type of complex logo design. This is what Rowan had to say,"This is my second logo from the team. I've also organised a brochure and sign writing for my new business. Dean seeks perfection every time which means an outstanding result!!"