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Logo : CG Property Investment

LOGO TYPE : Intermediate Package . 2D Logos . Real Estate

A custom logo design that incorporates letter play of the C and the G in the business name. Logo creation doesn't always have to be complicated in execution. Modern corporate logo design like this uses contemporary typefaces that are easy to read and have a friendly perception to the target market. For logo designs that effectively communicate your brand, call Dean Parrott or Terence Cheah for expert graphic design services. A great example of how to effectively represent a long business name, by truncating the words and taking out the letter spaces while using colour to break it up. The stylised ‘thinking outside the box’ image reveals both a C and a G representing the busines name and also an upward arrow highlighting investment growth and potential. "Great work on the logo! We're really happy with where this is heading, and you have obviously taken into account everything that we asked for in the job brief." Dain – CG Property Investors