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Logo : Little Wood Consulting

LOGO TYPE : Intermediate Package . 2D Logos . Service Industry

Quentin runs his own garden design/horticultural implementation business and wanted a logo that reflected his passion for horticultural design while conveying his engaging personality within the brand. The logo design reflects the image of Quentin himself, the L his head and the W his body and arms waving as well as two leaves of a plant. The arms are gesturing where the garden will sit or what it will look like for his customer. It is a very personal rendition of a logo and a successful portrayal of such a passionate man. When we design a brand for you...we take the time to listen and to fully understand not just your business but also what drives you as a person. "A fantastic job - THANK YOU. My Wife also likes it as does my daughter who said "love it love it love it!" That pretty much says it all". Quentin - Little Wood