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Logo : Optimum Muscular Health

LOGO TYPE : Intermediate Package . 2D Logos . Health & Fitness

A new start up business, Teresa wanted a unique logo design that set her apart from other Myotherapists. We created a clever letter-play logo using the acronym on the business name in the form of a person. The ‘O’ the head, the ‘M’ the shoulders and the ‘H’ the arms, legs and torso. The colours are fresh and healthy. As part of Teresa’s brand we have used slabs of the blue and then bridged the typographic and logo form over the colour to anchor the whole look. We also came up with the tag line “live life to the optimum”. Teresa loved the health logo so much we created and printed a colourful 6 page DL sized brochure outlining all of her services. More than designing a logo we created a well thought out cohesive brand. "Wow, it looks fantastic!!.. The artwork is great. I am happy with all of it. I think it came up really well". Teresa - Optimum Muscular Health