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Logo : Creative Touch Photography

LOGO TYPE : Intermediate Package . 2D Logos . Service Industry . Stationery & Add Ons

Some of our hardest projects are for creative individuals or organisations. The expectation is for a solution thatŐs very creative and pushes the boundary...and boy do we love a challenge. Darrell from Creative Touch Photography wanted a very creative brand that suited his business style and sense of creativity. Full marks to Darrell here. ItŐs hard for a creative person to trust another creative to deliver something so personal. With DarrellŐs logo, we broke down the graphic form into a creative process. The first shape is a thought bubble (the idea), the second shape is the lens (the camera) and the third shape the rectangle (the photo) as the end result. We then used cropped in sections of the logo graphic strategically placed on the stationery collateral. Creative, edgy and simple in execution...we can create an equally impressive brand for your new or existing business venture. Here's what Darrell had to say about logoloco and our creative logo design service: "I am Impressed! I gave you almost nothing to work with and now I have have everything that I want. It is both refreshing and comforting to be dealing with someone that actually knows what they are doing." Darrell - Creative Touch Photography