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Logo : KC World

LOGO TYPE : Intermediate Package . 2D Logos . Service Industry . Food Service . Products

The design requirement for this brand was to create a logo out of the 3 letters, KCW. We stylised the outer K and W by rotating them on their axis and therefore forming the inner C using the subliminal gestalt theory of design.Too much rotation would lose the K, while not enough on the K would lose the W. Simple complexity. The letter forms within the KCW logo design also becomes the basis for the various sub brands within the business. Each sub brand has itŐs own colour palette implied within itŐs market, KCW kids a bright blue, KCW Eco a bright green and so on. KCW is a super effective series of brands with the category of food service logo design. Want to discover a 'world' of difference in professional logo design call Dean Parrott, Australia's premier logo designer on 03 9421 3311.